Monday, April 23, 2012

raspberry-chocolate tiramisu

What I love most about this tiramisu are the different flavours, the sour raspberry, the sweet ladyfinger, the bitter chocolate,...And it's quite easy to do!


300g ladyfinger
3 tablespoons amaretto
200ml coffee
130g sugar
250g mascarpone
250g chocolate pudding
100g chocolate, in small pieces
200g whipped cream
300g frozen raspberries

Whisk mascarpone, chocolate pudding, 1 tablespoon amaretto and sugar and fold in the whipped cream. Melt the chocolate with the raspberries (at low heat). Mix coffee and amaretto, dip the ladyfingers into the mix and put them into a form. Cover it whith the mascarpone, then put in the chocolate-raspberry sauceand go on like this, ending with a mascarpone layer. The tiramisu has to be minimum 4 hours in the fridge. Before you serve it, cover it with the cocoa.
Bon appetit!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

arizona cactus

Hello! Here' s my first post, it's about a little DIY. I think this old ice tea bottle looks really nice as a plant pot. I was looking for a pot, but it had to be something special,... I didn't find anything, so I got creative and made it myself. It looks good with cacti, but it might also be a beautiful flower pot. The only important thing is that it's a small plant which is not gowing to grow to big.
You need:  
                                                   a plastic bottle (should be with a nice print) 
                                                   a plant ( here a succulent)
                                                   some body

Cut the bottleneck, put the body in, and dibble the plant. It's easy, isn't it.